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Meet Ana

Coming to Lightspan Digital with an arts and entertainment background, Ana has a proven knack for connecting, sustaining, and engaging communities online and off with show-stopping content creation. In past roles, Ana has communicated the identities of medical, entertainment, technology, and lifestyle brands by taking on their respective voices and speaking to their audiences in unique and relatable ways. She’s also known for having a pretty quirky voice of her own!

As a recent graduate of DePaul University’s Media and Cinema Studies program, Ana is adept at deciphering which images can best communicate a brand’s goals in a mediated setting; and keenly aware of the ways in which a brand can generate original content and function as its own media outlet.

When she’s not on the clock, this Las Vegas native and aspiring adventurer enjoys exploring Chicago through her senses.  She caught the travel bug while backpacking her way through France and Morocco; and loves exploring new cultures and customs through great songs and good eats! Whether at a concert, comedy show, or food festival, Ana likes to take a bite out of life—and the occasional burrito.

Connect with Ana on Twitter @anadexx