Your Digital Marketing Problems Solved and Needs Met

Companies turn to us with their digital marketing consulting needs because they’re missing a key component for success:

  • Fresh growth-focused digital marketing strategies, or…
  • Clarity on what’s working or not with the current approach. 
  • Skilled data analysis to identify which cogs in the machine make the system fail. 
  • Know what you’re not doing that you should.
  • Predictions of what’s next and how to prepare for it.
  • How to speak to your executives about the changes needed to meet the demands of the digital space.
“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker (allegedly)

You can and should do better than that.

Your Digital Marketing Deserves the Best Outcome Possible

“One of my mantras is that an idea is only as great as it’s well-executed.

High-impact marketing = great ideas + expert ways to turn them into reality. 

I’m here to lend my 15+ years of corporate and agency digital marketing expertise to 

bring clarity to decision-makers and enable them to convert strategies into business traction.”

Mana, Lightspan’s Founder and Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Growth-focused digital strategy is based on a blueprint that ensures that ideas can and will be skillfully executed and results can and will be measured. This involves:

  • Expertise in choosing the right digital marketing channels and tools for your goals,
  • Careful selection and integration of technologies to enable optimization and personalization, and proper tracking of results, plus
  • Skilled marketing execution.

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Experts You Can Trust When You Need a Digital Marketing Solution

Mana has a great eye for discerning truth to get to the core of things very quickly.

 Jeff Cohen, Founder of Purple Workshops / Software For Research

The market research she produced, and the analysis she provided of the research, are some of the best we have ever seen in our industry. Mana is very skilled in thinking outside the box and providing a fresh perspective and is not afraid to challenge assumptions.

Lance Kugler, Founder, CEO at Kugler Vision

Very dedicated, flexible and focused on our success

Diane Yetter, founder of The Sales Tax Institute

Lightspan Digital really ‘gets’ the online space.

Molly Stoner, Director of Admissions and Student Affairs, Master’s Program in Computer Science, The University of Chicago

Let’s save you time and money by focusing on what matters.
You’ll know what you’re doing and be more confident to make decisions for what should happen next.

A few of our past and current digital marketing consulting clients

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