We’re a team of
Digital Marketing

We combine content, email marketing and social media to tell your story and drive traffic. Our strategic approach to digital marketing drives results that you can see in your Analytics and in the smiles of your audience. We transform that audience into leads and customers.

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Content Marketing Works.

Your voice, your story told in authentic and compelling ways – through your website, your social media posts and email newsletters.

Our experienced writers and content marketing experts create articles and posts that turn your audience into raving fans and paying customers.

Social Media Marketing
with Purpose!

Social media is about people first. It is also
a marketing and sales discipline.

We focus on both:

1. We build relationships and trust by helping,
teaching and informing your audiences.

2. We build brand awareness, generate leads,
and impress consumers to take action on your
with the help of Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram,

and blogs.

32 Hours

The average number of hours
per month that people spend
online with social media. Are
they spending any of that time
with your company or brand?

Mana Ionescu President of Lightspan Digital

We have 15 years of email marketing experience creating email newsletters and campaigns.

Email marketing is more powerful than ever, but only if we respect and listen to the subscriber. Our purpose is to keep in touch, teach, help and listen, all through quality email messages.

We’ll show you how.

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