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Meet Annette

Annette started her career journey in radio, absorbing as much knowledge as she could at four different Chicago stations: WLS-FM, WLS-AM, Radio Disney AM 1300, and WLUW Chicago. She involved herself in every aspect: programming, production, promotions, podcasting, and other p words.

Annette most recently spent three years at The Humane Society of the United States as a coordinator for Pets for Life – a program that offers free animal services in underserved areas.

Annette is passionate about animal welfare, gender studies, and plant-based living. She enjoys all things creative and loves to brainstorm, problem-solve, and maximize efficiency. Her friendly, can-do attitude is well paired with her insatiable desire to learn. Annette hopes to forge genuine, nonjudgemental relationships both professionally and personally. Her favorite things start with the letter C: communications, color-coding, consolidating, crafts, cats, and chocolate chip cookies.

Connect with Annette on Twitter @lightspand