Three Tips for the Bored Email Marketer

f you’ve been creating and managing email marketing campaigns for a while you may have experienced a repetitive, typical and established pattern of strategies. You are also probably used to marketers obsessing over “subject lines,” “creatives” and “images” as if they were all that email marketing is about.

So after years of testing “subject lines,” “creatives” and “images” to get better “subject lines,” “creatives” and “images” what’s there left to do?

Email Targeting is Great but Don't Overdo It

I am a huge proponent of “targeting,” and I frequently proclaim that data is queen and content is king. Data can mean many things, from know-your-customer to ROI-forecasting models and digital channel optimization based on channel specific benchmarks. Data, when used well and sprinkled with common sense can turn aimless marketing into visionary marketing.

Keep Testing, Because with Email Marketing You Can

Every new agency I get to work with produces a list of email marketing tactics that they consider best-in-class, everything from length of subject line, best day of the week to send email, to right column vs left column arguments. Also, every agency has their list of rules. I even have my own.

Simple Email Solution to Build a Connection Between Brand and Consumer

I was recently at the receiving end of a piece of conversation that some may consider the first email communication in the customer lifecycle marketing program. What set this email apart from other typical and predictable lifecycle emails (does dropping email at 15-30-60-90 days since acquiring the customer ring a bell?) is that this email was written in a very personal manner.