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Here at Lightspan Digital, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of leading industry trends—even predicting them in some cases. Our ears and eyes are primed to identify changes in digital marketing and find ways to creatively implement them into winning strategies for our clients. In short, we love to innovate.


Passion for innovation is a direct extension of our core values. During our weekly kick off meetings, the Lightbugs come together to discuss newsworthy events, upcoming trends, and seismic shifts in the digital space. Better yet, we use our findings to meet our clients’ goals.

This week’s round-up of innovations was too good to keep to ourselves. So, in the spirit of giving; we’ve decided to share our recent batch of discoveries. Enjoy!

Facebook Gets Another Facelift 

Customary of the platform, the face of Facebook is ever evolving. Jamie, one of our community managers, found that the latest batch of changes has especially positive implications for brands with the inclusion of call to action buttons that will send visitors to a chosen web page. Businesses and community managers should keep an eye out for the feature on their pages (it will show up near the cover photo). The call to action buttons are rolling out slowly and will be perfect for consumer brands.


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We’re excited to test-drive the button by using different calls to action and landing pages; and using analytics to track website traffic and visitor behavior.

Quiz Building for Lead Generation

With Buzzfeed quizzes being shared by everyone with access to a wifi signal, many brands are looking to join in on the fun.

Luckily, Project Manager, Hilary, has tracked down tools for brands hoping to connect with audiences with a fun quiz without having to get into technical weeds of building it in-house. Online resources like Quizbox, ProProfs, Quiz Works and Interact provide novel solutions to engaging current customers while attracting new ones and generating leads. The tools offer varying levels of customization and price points to satisfy businesses of all sizes.

Twitter Followers: Chicken or the Egg?

Community Manager, Holly, discovered via Orbit Media that neither tweet frequency nor getting retweeted strongly indicates follower growth. Rather, the size of your Twitter account more strongly indicates following rates. This means big Twitter accounts grow faster. A chicken and egg situation, Holly has 3 easy tips for gaining Twitter followers:

  • Be a human: Write a descriptive bio and, when appropriate, use a face for your avatar (profile picture).
  • Engage: Share your content with super relevant users.
  • Build solid lists: Use programs like Followerwonk and Socialbro to search for users according to keyword.

GIFs the Gift That Keeps on Giving

It’s no secret that GIFs are a mainstay of social media interactions. Lightbugs regularly turn their favorite YouTube clips into GIFs by using external sites and apps. Now GIFs are becoming easier with the launch of YouTube’s built-in GIF creation tool currently in beta.


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This new feature streamlines the GIF building process. It is easier to include a GIF in your content marketing strategies, even for small companies or individuals. YouTube’s GIF creation tool may be a convenient way to recycle your old videos and educate the masses in a fresh and exciting way!

Making the Mundane Magical

We love teaching to our clients and partners and are always looking for new opportunities to do so. Our VP of Operations, Candice, wants to spice up operational e-mails that can get a bit dry with great tips and knowledge bombs!

Why not have useful, practical information that can immediately be put to use in monthly invoices or a quick tip in a meeting reminder to clients? We don’t have an answer and are drafting our first round of helpful tips to launch in 2015.

Give Thanks

Giving thanks to your social following shouldn’t be limited to the holidays. President, Mana, has found that regularly recognizing your following often leads to more substantial interactions and sustained online relationships. Did someone share your blog post or favorite your tweet? Make sure to thank them!

What are your thoughts? How else could these innovations be put to use?


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Coming to Lightspan Digital with an arts and entertainment background, Ana has a proven knack for connecting, sustaining, and engaging communities online and off with show-stopping content creation. As a graduate of DePaul University’s Media and Cinema Studies program, Ana is adept at deciphering which images can best communicate a brand’s goals in a mediated setting; and keenly aware of the ways in which a brand can generate original content and function as its own media outlet.
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