Of Games and Bravery: A Lesson from #SOBCon Chicago

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Chris Brogan at SOBCON today talked about how everything in life is a game – it has rules, rewards mechanisms etc. So will you follow your dreams and goals based on someone else’s game or make your own rules?

We can look at digital marketing the same way. Each strategy set is a game, and you can apply already existing rules or make your own rules.

Now, what happens with those who say, but I don’t know the rules…  Well, you only have 2 options:

  1. Learn the rules
  2. Make the rules

The problem with replaying games with established rules is that you may be playing at winning someone else’s game. But still to win you need rules.

So what’s your goal and what’s the game that will get you there?

Why are you distracted all the time? Because you’re seeking for feedback and awards in the wrong places. @ChrisBrogan

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  • jshuey

    Good post Mana. As Bill Gates was famous (or infamous — depending upon your perspective) for “tilting the tables” — i.e. changing the rules to create a new game. 
    So, create YOUR game with your RULES … then success is as you define it.