The New Daily Social Media Workouts v4 Are Here

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The Daily Social Media Workouts(tm) is a step-by-step cheat-sheet to help you manage your social networks in under an hour a day. Hundreds of people have used the prior three versions of the workouts. We are very excited to have a new and improved version for you to download and use!

Here is what fans of the Daily Workouts have to say:

Just a quick note to thank you for sending us the daily game plan or schedule for Social Media.  This will help immensely.  ~ Cheryl Justak, Golf Club Masters, Inc., Publishers of GOLF NOW! Chicago

Thanks Mana.  I’ve got my group jazzed about following your program. ~ David Barrow, President, OC Imageworks, LLC

Today’s Chicago Woman and say The Daily Social Media Workouts™ work: Even if you’re determined to “work it out” on your own, you may want to read Mana Ionescu’s handout, which she calls the Daily Social Media Workouts™. I’ve been following her basic drill, and yep, it works. Best of all, it doesn’t take much time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Informative and real. ~Moira Tuffy,

THIS cheat sheet is pure gold. Thank you for sending it to me. ~Toni Rupert, Toni Rupert Fine Art & Design

Snapshot of the Daily Workouts

What You’ll Get

The Daily Workouts are made up of 4 pages. The first page is an introduction to tools and tricks to help you get set up for success. The following page will guide your Twitter workout and pages 3 through 4 focus on Facebook. As a bonus, you can use the Twitter workouts for Google+, Pinterest, and other “open” social networks.

And did we mention it’s FREE? 

Get your copy now!

Get Your Copy Now!

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  • Quiana

    Heard your presentation at the sm. business expo it was very good. Excited to learn how to use social media for business as appose to personal use.

    • Quinara, thanks so much for attending and for downloading the daily workouts. Please let me know how they work for you!

  • Great Work..