Ditch the All-Graphics Email

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The main reason to ditch all-graphics emails is that if you don’t your marketing will look like kindergarten doodles when your customers’ mail clients have images disabled (which is more and more common these days). Like this Pepsi email:

Pepsi Email Doodles

Unfortunately the email was intended to look  gloriously hip:

Pepsi Email Graphics

The folks managing this campaign must know they have an issue because they’ve included a “To View this on Your Mobile Phone Visit: Here” link at the top of the email.

Odds are, whoever gets the email will ignore it before they notice this link.

If they do click the mobile link they’ll reach a twitter-style call to check out the Pepsi DJ Collective.

Pepsi marketers put some X-tra in those X-tras and deliver some X-tra value through your emails!

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